How it all started

How it all started

This is not a dream. I have not spent the last few years dreaming about traveling the world, let alone on a motorcycle, as many do.

This is me taking my life into my own hands. This is me saying I am tired of the life I have and I want a different one, let’s go find it.

Maybe it was Covid, or the kids leaving the house, or yet another failed relationship, but I felt alone and without direction. Whatever it was I knew I needed a change.

My first step was to sell the house, in one hand, with the kids gone, the house was way too big and empty for just myself, and on the other, the market was hot and I thought the equity would allow me to buy something smaller and pay for it in full. What a novel idea! No mortgage or ridiculous amounts of money on maintaining a big house.

With that underway, the search for the next location very quickly made me realize that I would only be able to pay cash for a house way too far from my current one. And if I was going to be far from my current life, why should I settle for a different state? Why not search for a new place in a different country? But where?

Enter the nomad lifestyle. What if I were to move around slowly enough to be able to get a good grasp of the local culture and to decide if I liked the place enough to settle there?

As is common in my life, I start planning something and it gets big and challenging, and just like that, I decided I was going to become a nomad and try to find a place in the world to finally call home. The planning and research began. There are so many details that go into packing and leaving a place like the United States!

It was a long process, selling not only the house but everything I own and had collected in over 20 years of living in the US. It took almost a year but one day I was looking at my camper, where I had lived since the house was sold, being pulled away by its new owners and I was officially homeless. I moved into my uncle’s house with the certainty that I was weeks from starting my trip.

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