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Leaving the US

Leaving the US

I am not sure why, but I had the urge to get out of the US as soon as possible. I rode fast on the highway heading Southwest.

My plan was to continue in that direction until I reached Oklahoma and then turn south and head straight to San Antonio where I was going to pick up some parts and gear and continue to Laredo to cross into Mexico.

On the second day, I reached Elizabethtown in Kentucky after 7 hours of riding. I was tired but had made over 360 miles and was back on track to maintain an average of 300 miles daily.

The next day I decided to get off the highway and visit the Mammoth Caverns National Park and travel across the Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area, which reminded me of the incredible number of resources placed into maintaining and protecting the natural beauty of the United States and how much the American people enjoy visiting them.

Then it was from Grand Rapids Kentucky to Heber Springs, Arkansas. I was making real progress, but I started to feel the weight of riding every day and I needed some rest.

I was lucky enough to find the perfect place and took a room at The Abbe House Inn, a bed and breakfast dream for the traveler needing peace and quiet.

After a couple of nights of good and comfortable sleep, long baths, and some walking and riding around town it was time to keep going for the second stretch of daily riding.

Another full day on the road took me to Hugo, Oklahoma and from there I turn south to enter big Texas, passing Dallas far on my right and making the night in Lampasas, a town with a lot of highway traffic and a charming downtown with very little movement.

The following morning, I started earlier, this was my last day riding in the US, and I wanted to hit the road fast. I had a long day ahead, and I also had to enter San Antonio to pick up the items that were waiting for me at an outlet of one of the places that sell gear and parts. I don’t like big cities and San Antonio is one of those, but I had no choice and better get moving and get it done.

San Antonio did not disappoint, a lot of people, a lot of traffic, very hot and noisy but I must recognize I rode through some very pretty neighborhoods. I did not feel like a tourist there, I was on a mission to get in and get out as fast as I could. Shopping done, I decided to take the highway south to get to the border that very same day.

I arrived in Laredo Texas around 4 pm and quickly found a room to sleep and settled for the day. I was tired but needed food and to do some walking, a practice I had started a few days back. So, I left the motorcycle at the hotel and walk a few miles. I had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day was a historic day and I wanted to be rested and ready.

Published by Martin Posse