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First day

First day

First day

Finally, the departure day came around. It started great, I was not emotional or anxious. I was relaxed and ready. Then turmoil of emotions happened in the months leading to this day, but now I was looking forward to starting riding.

But there was one thing that made the first day way easier. I was not leaving alone.

Life has this way of introducing people on your timeline that makes you wonder what is the big plan, or random coincidence. I think they always show up at the right moment.

Even though they would say “too late” I say “timed perfectly”. You see, I posted online that I was leaving for my world trip and Javier and Eduardo contacted me and introduced themselves. We clicked, we became friends really quick and they offered to ride with me the first day. And just like that, they made my departure day one of the funniest days I have had in a while.

I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to ride alone on that sunny day in October, with my thoughts, fears, and excitement.

Their support and presence made all the difference, and for that guys, I will always be grateful.

Published by Martin Posse